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Complaint Form - file complaints about property assessments, business revitalization assessments and local improvement taxes.

Agent Authorization Form – allow another person or company, who will receive a fee or potential fee, to act on your behalf.

Postponement Request - request to have your hearing rescheduled.

Withdrawal Request - when you no longer wish to proceed with your complaint.

Email Communication Informed Consent - provide your consent to receive communication electronically. Allows you to track your appeal online.

Request for Preliminary Hearing  - request a hearing for procedural or administrative matters.

Grouping Request - request to have matters heard at the same time. 

Request for Costs Hearing - request a hearing for costs. 

Request for Audio Recording - request an audio recording of a hearing. 


Assessment Review Board Video Gallery

Information Sheets/Guides

Filing a Complaint Tip Sheet

Sample Evidence Package

Requesting a Postponement Tip Sheet

Withdrawing Your Complaint Tip Sheet

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Assessment Review Boards Bylaw

Assessment Review Board Policy Manual

Municipal Government Act

Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints Regulation

Matters Relating to Assessment and Taxation Regulation

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