Hearing Process

  • Before the appeal hearing begins, those who wish to speak or receive a written copy of the Board's decision are registered by Board staff.
  • All interested parties are then asked to enter the hearing room.
  • The appeal is introduced by the Board Officer who reads any related correspondence (by date received, name and address), and position- whether supporting or opposing the proposed development into the record.
  • Where a development permit has been refused, the Appellant is heard first.
  • Where a development permit has been approved, the Appellant is heard first, followed by the Respondent.
  • In a subdivision appeal, the Subdivision Authority is heard first, followed by the Appellant.
  • The Appellant is asked to summarize their reasons for the appeal, and may call others to speak to support their position.   Board members may question them.
  • Other persons in attendance at the hearing with an interest in the appeal will then present their arguments and respond to any questions of the Board.
  • The Chair will ask if the Appellant wishes to respond to any new information raised during the hearing.
  • The hearing is then closed and the Board goes in camera to discuss the appeal and reach a decision.
  • After a decision is reached, it is announced in the waiting area by the Board Officer.   However, a decision of the SDAB is not final or binding until the decision is issued, in writing, within 15 days of the appeal hearing.

Postponing or Not Attending Your Hearing

You may submit a written request to postpone an SDAB hearing including the reasons for the request, either to the Board at the time of the hearing or to the SDAB Office prior to the hearing. Hearings will only be postponed at the discretion of the Board.

If you are not in attendance when your appeal is called, the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board may proceed without you. The Board will consider the information presented on the appeal form, any written submissions received, hear presentations for any one in attendance, and then make a ruling on the appeal.

It is important that you describe your position clearly and in detail on your appeal form, or file a written submission ahead of time if you cannot be at the hearing.

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