Preparing For Your Hearing

Here are some suggestions for preparing your presentation to the Board:

  • Provide clear, concise and logical reasons.
  • Be prepared to summarize your presentation.
  • Be familiar with the site.

In order to assist the Board in understanding your position and the proposal, you may wish to bring photographs, illustrative material, well prepared drawings, or written submissions.

  • Ask the neighbours affected by the development to give you their written support or to come to your hearing and speak to the Board.
  • You may seek professional advice or ask someone else to present your case, but citizens often represent themselves. If there is doubt as to whether the Board has the legal right to hear the appeal, you may want to seek professional advice.
  • To become more familiar with the process, you may wish to attend an SDAB hearing before the date of your own hearing.

You must not speak to members of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board about an appeal or a potential appeal, because this will disqualify them from participating in the hearing. Board members do not discuss appeal cases with the Development Office or the Subdivision Authority before the hearings.


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