Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

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The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) hears appeals from people who have been affected by a decision of the Development Authority under the Zoning Bylaw and the Subdivision Authority under the Subdivision Authority Bylaw. The board is appointed by City Council and consists of citizens living in the city of Edmonton.

The SDAB normally meets every Wednesday and Thursday in the Churchill Building. If required, the Board may set additional dates for hearings.

Once you have met requirements and filed a proper appeal, this Board presides over your hearing.

The SDAB is an independent, quasi-judicial body established by City Council, and its decisions are final and cannot be overturned unless the board makes an error in some aspect of law or jurisdiction.

Agendas listing appeals and hearing times scheduled for that day are posted in the hearing waiting area. Hearings do not start before the time listed on the schedule.

For more information:

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

Office of the City Clerk
Churchill Building
10019 - 103 Avenue
Edmonton, AB  T5J 0G9

Telephone 780-496-6079
Fax 780-577-3537
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