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The Community Standards and Licence Appeal Committee is a Committee of Council established to deal with reviews and appeals regarding:

  • The refusal, revocation, suspension or imposition of conditions pursuant to Business Licence Bylaw 13138 and Vehicle for Hire Bylaw 14700
  • Orders issued pursuant to Sections 545 and 546 of the Municipal Government Act
  • Notices issued under the provincial Weed Control Act
  • Conditions imposed on a Nuisance Dog Licence pursuant to the Animal Licensing and Control Bylaw 13145

November 2017 – October 2021

  • Councillor Mohinder Banga (Chair)
  • Councillor Jon Dziadyk (Vice-Chair)
  • Councillor Tony Caterina
  • Councillor Scott McKeen

Appeal Form

The Appeal Form can be used to file an Appeal with the Community Standards and Licence Appeal Committee.

For More Information

Community Standards and Licence Appeal Committee

Churchill Building
10019 - 103 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5J 0G9

Telephone 780-496-5026
Fax 780-496-8199
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