About the Board

Board members are appointed by City Council for one-year terms.

Members may serve up to 9 terms.

Current Membership List

There are currently 22 board members:

  • Samuel Afolayan
  • Guy Boston
  • Chris Buyze
  • Brian Carbol
  • Miles Davis
  • Laura Delfs
  • Donald Fleming
  • Rohit Handa
  • Gwen Harris
  • Robert Hobson
  • Jack Jones
  • Shari LaPerle
  • Melanie McCallum
  • Dana Mackie
  • Karen Munro
  • Alex Nagy
  • Maya Pungur-Buick
  • Stephen Raitz
  • Emily Reeves
  • Christopher Samuel
  • Elaine Solez

For More Information

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

Office of the City Clerk
Churchill Building
10019 - 103 Avenue
Edmonton, AB  T5J 0G9

Hours of Operation  
Monday to Friday
8:30am-noon and 1:00pm-4:00pm 

Please note the office will be closed over the lunch hour. 

Telephone 780-496-6079
Fax 780-577-3537
Email sdab@edmonton.ca
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