Preparing For Your Hearing

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Revised Hearing Process (effective August 5, 2021)

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board hearings will be conducted by a combination of video conference and written submissions as directed by the SDAB Chair. Please click on the attached links for more detailed information:

SDAB Emergency Meeting Procedure - Development Appeals - Revised (effective August 5, 2021)

SDAB Emergency Meeting Procedure - Subdivision Appeals - Revised (effective August 5, 2021)

These changes will be in effect until further notice. 

Instructions to Join a Video Conference Hearing 

To join a video conference hearing, please follow the attached instructions .

Once an appeal hearing has been scheduled, it is your responsibility to present evidence to the Board or respond to issues raised by Appellants or affected parties. An appeal hearing will be scheduled within 30 days of receiving a valid appeal.

Here are some suggestions for preparing a strong and convincing case to present to the Board:

  • Understand the legislation governing the Board.
  • Prepare a written presentation which is clear, concise and logical to support your position.
  • Consider providing photographs, illustrations or drawings.
  • Ask neighbours and the community league to provide their support or opposition—either in writing or by attending your hearing and speaking to the Board.
  • Attend an SDAB hearing before the date of your own hearing to become familiar with the process.

You may represent yourself at the hearing or you can seek professional advice or ask someone to present your case for you.

All information provided to the Board will be made available to the public.

The Board considers each application on its own merits and makes its decision based on the evidence presented.

Do not speak to members of the Board before your hearing as this will disqualify the member from participating in the hearing.

Preparing for a Hearing

For More Information

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

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Monday to Friday
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Please note the office will be closed over the lunch hour. 

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